AMSGS Grasso Award
College of Medicine · Association of Medical Science Graduate Students
Grasso Award
Robert J. Grasso, PhD
Charter Faculty member of the College of Medicine
Professor of Medical Microbiology and Immunology

Educator, Scientist, Musician, and Humanitarian
whose unselfish desire to help others was an inspiration to all. The students, faculty and staff of the University of South Florida, College of Medicine will always be indebted to him.
Every year we honor one professor from the College of Medicine with the Robert J. Grasso Award. In the course of your graduate studies, you have come across at least one professor who went out of his way to help you, whose teaching skills were excellent, someone who made a difference in your life, someone who you think should be recognized.

Here is some information regarding the award:
A. Qualifications of nominee
1. Nominee must be faculty member at USF College of Medicine.
2. Nominee should have clearly demonstrated willingness to help and advise students, both graduate and medical, in both scholastic and personal matters.
3. Nominee should not be restricted by his/her job description in helping students.
4. Nominee should employ an open door policy.
5. Nominee should demonstrate willingness to go against established policies if necessary to support educational programs at USF.

B. Protocols for selections
1. Any graduate student in good standing at the College of Medicine can make a nomination.
2. A letter of nomination which should include the qualifications of the nominee can be e-mailed back to any of the AMSGS executive board members.
3. The award will be presented at the Association of Medical Science Graduate Students Annual Awards Banquet.
Grasso Award Recipients
Robert J. Deschenes, PhD, 2009-2010
Andreas Seyfang, PhD, 2008-2009
Eric S. Bennett, PhD, 2007-2008
Michael Barber, DPhil, 2006-2007
Samuel Saporta, PhD, 2005-2006
Keith Pennypacker, PhD, 2004-2005
Eric S. Bennett, PhD, 2003-2004
Craig Doupnik, PhD, 2002-2003
Peter Neame, PhD, 2001-2002
Kenneth L. Wright, PhD, 2000-2001
Patricia Kruk, PhD, 1999-2000
W. Douglas Cress, Jr., PhD, 1998-1999
Samuel Edwards, PhD, 1997-1998
Thomas Klein, PhD, 1996-1997
Paul Gottschall, PhD, 1995-1996
Andrew Cannons, PhD, 1994-1995
Joseph Krzanowski, PhD, 1993-1994
Sue Shelley, PhD, 1992-1993
Richard Heller, PhD, 1991-1992
Steven C. Specter, PhD, 1990-1991