Center of Excellence for Aging & Brain Repair

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Center of Excellence for
Aging and Brain Repair

The Center significantly enhances existing strengths to serve as a fundamental investigational and application unit integrating basic research, translational research, industrial partnerships, education, and clinical services to address key needs of aging and care of the elderly, as well as to develop unique solutions for repair of degenerative processes.

Motivation & Focus

Critical elements of the Center include a clear focus applying the findings of the laboratory to clinical care utilizing the talents of basic science and clinical researchers using the tools of molecular and cellular biology, epidemiology and outcomes research. The Center has a directed clinical focus to achieve significant enhancement for the care of citizens with Stroke, Parkinson's disease, and other movement disorders, Alzheimer's and Vascular dementia, genetically related neurological diseases, and other chronically disabling disorders associated with an aging population.

In The News

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Dr. Cesar Borlongan to chair the 3rd annual International Placenta Stem Cell Society Meeting
USF Center of Excellence for Aging and Brain Repair Director, Dr. Cesar Borlongan, will be traveling to Granada, Spain to chair the International Placenta Stem Cell Society (IPLASS) meeting.
USF neuroscientist featured in Family Circle magazine
Center of Excellence for Aging and Brain Repair neuroscientist, Dr. Paula Bickford, is featured in an article in Family Circle magazine. The article is part of a monthlong wellness challenge by Rachel Peachman. Dr. Bickford was interviewed about her ongoing research related to the health benefits of blueberries.
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