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Rays Jiang’s computational biology expertise powers antimalarial drug discovery efforts Red blood cells are a prime target for infection by the malaria parasite, but the absence of a nucleus containing DNA in red blood cells hinders genetic research to understand how these cells act as host cells. Seeking to help overcome that obstacle, researchers at […]

The USF College of Public Health’s own Drs. Raymond Harbison, Marie Bourgeois, and Giffe T. Johnson recently produced the sixth edition of Hamilton and Hardy’s Industrial Toxicology. “The idea is that it’s a practical book, and people can use it in the field and in their office for the practice of occupational medicine and also […]

Public health, as a discipline, relies heavily on numbers and statistics, abstractions that make population-scale information useful.  But in order to gain a complete picture of how decisions are made, tomorrow’s leaders benefit from the hard-won expertise of public health pioneers.  The anecdotes, inside perspective and historical memory of those who essentially invented public health […]